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Dreamwidth's weekly fandom newsletter

Welcome to [community profile] transformers, Dreamwidth's weekly Transformers fandom newsletter.

What do we list?
We list creative contributions of all kinds, including fanfiction, fanart, meta, challenges, competitions, fanvids, friending memes, and loads more.

How can I get my work featured in the newsletter?
There are two ways:
1. We can follow your journal or community on Dreamwidth. Just send an email to asking us to add you.
2. You can send us a link to your work with the following information:
Type (fic, art, vid, icons, meta, challenge, etc.)
Content advice/warnings/common squicks and triggers

If you'd prefer not to include a rating and/or warnings, please put 'Author chooses not to rate/warn' in your header.

What about Tumblr?
Due to the nature of Tumblr, we won't be following any blogs on there - but we're very happy to include content hosted on Tumblr if you send us a link and the info requested above.

What about locked content?
If the content is locked to your subscribers then we can list it in the newsletter if you explicitly state that you are happy to give access to anyone who asks. We understand that some journals are locked down to prevent content skimming or spam, and we don't want to exclude them.

If your work is locked to all users of a particular website, such as locking a fic to all registered AO3 users, we are happy to list it, but you must make a clear note about access in the header.

If your header post on DW is locked, but the content itself is unlocked (such as using a locked journal on DW to link to unlocked content on AO3), we are very happy to link to the unlocked content.

What don't we list?
We don't accept submissions from Livejournal, as LJ already has a well-established TF fandom newsletter, [ profile] thecybertronian. It has three editions per week - fic, art and meta.

Please note, while it's our intention to cover parts of the TF fandom not already served by a newsletter, and we will try our best to avoid any overlap, some works might end up in both newsletters.

If you have any questions, please email the mod account, or drop us a comment on this journal.

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